Web design is the core of the digital web design experience. Web design determines how a site looks, how it functions and how it relates to the overall brand narrative of a company. It also gives the viewer its first impression of a company, because in most cases this is the first visual interaction a customer has with a business. Some companies like to use the DIY approach by creating a website themselves of one of these online sites. However, in all cases hiring a professional will always yield better results.

The reason why this may not be immediately apparent to someone who isn’t a professional web developer, or has not used these services before is that there are many DIY options and templates available out there. One may wonder what professional web developers and designers actually bring to the table today. This is a short sighted perspective in almost every case, professional web designers are still thousands of years ahead of the ready-made competition. Here’s why.


  1. Web Designers Create From Scratch. If you want to become a well established brand, then it is essencial to be concerned with authentic brand identity. Web developers work from the ground up, which is encouraging. Online templates are for the masses, so customers will never view your brand as original if you use on of these. If you want your brand to stand out from the pack, it needs to be tailored to suite your brand.
  2. No SEO. Templet websites offer virtually nothing in terms of SEO (this is what determines your rankings on google). This basically means that people wont be able to see your website unless they are directed by you to the actual link. It is incredibly hard to get a DIY website such as ‘BigCartel’ , ranked well in google simply because google does not find it valuable enough. This can prevent your customers from finding you online means they are more likely to go to a competitor instead .
  3. Websites Made By Designers Can Be Changed Later. Just like ordering a pair of nice shoes made by hand, a real website can be taken apart and reassembled, anytime in the future. Web design created from the ground up is a real piece of construction. With ready-made templates, your options for revising the site later are extremely limited. A real website can evolve and grow according to your needs. You may not know what future needs you’ll require of your site. Better to set yourself up with a site that can change as needed.

There are a lot of reasons to go with a real web designer or web design agency, rather than trying to create a good website all on your own. If you are curious about further benefits, contact Luke by email or phone: Or 01484 688808