Nutrition, a vital component in attaining any fitness goal, is a complicated business. Whether dieting to lose weight or to build muscle, it can be hard to get the right nutritional balance – especially in a way that is affordable and delivers the freshness, variety, and time-efficiency needed to help fitness hopefuls stay the course. pREP was founded to provide customers with affordable readymade meals, with precise nutrient profiles balanced to support specific fitness goals, prepared fresh on the day of collection.

pREP sell through their website as well as direct in-store; they sell individual meals as well as weekly/monthly bundles; and they take payment by cash, card, or both. To keep track of all this, pPREP asked Cool Hand Studios to build a custom till system that tracks their revenue streams to help them manage production. The till operates in-browser, allowing pREP’s managers to monitor up-to-date sales data remotely and on a variety of hardware platforms.

A Sales section gives live information on customer transactions – ordered chronologically – including the date, price, discount applied, and payment method. The Sales Totals sections display the revenue generated – from cash sales vs. card sales; from in-store sales vs. individual meal sales vs. bundle sales – for any given day, week or month that the user wishes to examine. A Part Payments section keeps track of purchases paid for partly by card, partly by cash.

Two features especially useful for managing production are the Best Sellers and Worst Sellers sections of the site, respectively showing the most, and least, popular items according to sales figures over a given month.