Luke Hand


A real web guru, Luke is our all-rounder, coordinating team projects and liaising with clients and industry specialists. He works night and day to keep the team’s efforts unified towards realising each client’s vision.

Along with his wealth of experience, a continual attention to all things digital helps Luke to anticipate the implications – and promise – of the latest online developments.

Luke has a taste for the finer things, enjoying travel, dining out, and Italian shoes that cost roughly as much as his staff. (We’ll leave you guessing whether that last part was a joke.)

Aamir Madari

Software Developer

Resident coffee addict Aamir is the tech wiz of the team. He builds and modifies digital applications for our clients, delivering bespoke solutions to meet the unique technical needs of each project. Inventive by nature, Aamir is at his best when tackling a new challenge.

In his early teens Aamir discovered an aptitude and love for programming – a passion inherited from his father, himself a great computing enthusiast.

Aamir boasts a flair for cooking but has yet to prove his skills to the team with a lunchtime demonstration. We will keep waiting…

Luke Fruttauro

Web Designer

Luke’s main task is to build great websites for our clients, but he also provides technical support as needs arise. He joined the Cool Hand Studios team just as he finished his bachelor’s in Web Technologies, quickly bridging the gap between theory and practice. Quietly confident, Luke is never short on energy and ideas and brings a creative flair into all the work he does.

While in most respects the quintessential modern Brit – when asked about his interests, he responded without delay: “football, gym, cars, video games” – Luke’s snappy attire and meticulously coiffed hair betray his Italian roots. A self-described amateur mixologist, Luke recommends the White Russian as his top cocktail.

Kiefer Brown


Kiefer writes and edits copy for websites and digital products, handles Cool Hand Studios’ day-to-day accounts, and manages our social media. When he isn’t musing over some terrible pun for his next write-up, he’s answering client queries and keeping the books in order. Kiefer also tests software to ensure our products are delivered in the best shape they can be.

At home and on his train commute, Kiefer loves to read, especially history and classic fiction. He also spends some of his weekends giving tuition in mathematics – his academic specialism. Kiefer is a musician with scores of gigs under his belt and contributions made to several albums – nothing in the charts though… Yet!